Sports Teams

Seamless travel is key for a successful athletic tournament. BEST-VIP offers a variety of fleet options to fit sports teams of any size.

BEST SPORTS TEAM Transportation

Transportation for the Whole Team

Looking for a shuttlevan, minicoach, or motorcoach to transport your team to the big game? BEST-VIP offers a variety of fleet options to fit your team of any size. Seamless travel is key for success, and BEST-VIP will help you set the right mindset to get your team in the zone. We offer transportation for teams of all levels; High School Athletics, Universities, Organized League Teams, and even Professional Teams.

BEST-VIP is SPAB Certified and well-seasoned in providing premium school transportation. Even if you are chartering out of state, we have the amenities to ensure your team and staff is as comfortable and safe as possible. Choose the “BEST” sports team transportation option so your team can be game day ready.

BEST-VIP serves schools and districts in Orange County and all throughout Southern California, including:

Our extensive fleet also serves local universities:

Fall means sports! Regardless of the sport, BEST-VIP has your team covered. Whether that is for football games, cross country meets, volleyball matches, or soccer, BEST-VIP has a fleet vehicle to match your needs.View our suggestions for each sport:


Whether your it’s for a college or high school team, BEST-VIP has the storage and space to fit the entire squad. Our Motorcoach is a top pick by Athletic Directors across SoCal. It features 452 cubic feet of storage space for equipment and fits up to 56 passengers! Fitted with luxury comfort and window shades, the team can arrive relaxed and ready instead of needing to stretch from a cramped, small bus.


Making sure your players are comfortable with ample leg room is one of our priorities. Our Minicoach is a perfect fit for tall players with airline-style reclined seating and extra-large capacity luggage compartments. Traveling to your next NCAA volleyball game? Book the Minicoach as your team bus to help your team win before the game even starts.

Cross Country

Need small to medium sized transportation for your cross country team? Consider a BEST-
VIP sprinter van!  Our Mercedes-Benz sprinter vans can hold 7-12 people with extra storage space for equipment.  With luxury comfort, USB outlets, and a premium sound system, our sprinter vans are the perfect environment for mentally preparing on your way to Mt. Sac at San Antonio College.


Traveling for soccer is about to get much easier! If your team is traveling over 30 minutes to play a game, you know picking the right transportation is crucial. Depending on team size, the Minicoach can fit 15 to 35 passengers. The Minicoach also includes a DVD player and video screen to go over plays on the way to the game.


Need any more assistance in picking the right ride? Contact us today to get your team transportation covered for the entire season.

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